In 2016 MindBurst worked together with teachers from Sacred Heart College to create 5 posters that captured key insights from the critical thinking skills training we had been doing with Grade 10s.

The intent was to signal how critical thinking skills enable a learner to challenge and resist the status quo – promoting self-determination, perseverance and personal fulfilment.

We often offer a simple description of critical thinking as: being able to think for yourself. Our approach encourages learners to work things out for themselves. This could be expressed as: reflect, rethink, redesign. This became the phrase that got repeated on the posters. 

We decided to use the theme of revolution, with design devices that reflected Soviet era propaganda posters. We wanted learners to get a sense that critical thinking is subversive and disruptive in a way that can serve their self-determination.

We worked together with the artist, Paul Emmanuel, to implement the ideas the teachers had created with us. The final products are available for your use here.