Critical Thinking Skills

Here are our thoughts, articles, projects and workshops relating to critical thinking skills. In order to thrive in the 21st century we need the ability to question the sources of our knowledge. We must move beyond simply accepting what we believe as given. We must become agents of our own knowledge production – informed and critical decision-makers – rather than passive recipients and consumers of information.

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The rules of engagement – exploring the skills of dialogue through hip hop

The ability to engage in productive dialogue is one of the most important skills for thriving in the 21st century. The skills of productive dialogue enable us to resolve conflict through non-violent means, empower us to participate in democratic processes and equip us to become collaborative agents in the on-going process of knowledge production….

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A country does not have to be wealthy to prepare its children for the future: a reflection o the Worldwide Educating For the Future Index 2018 report

It turns out that a country does not have to be wealthy to make significant progress in preparing its children for the future. What it does need to do, according to the Worldwide Educating For the Future Index (WEFFI) report, is shift its focus beyond measuring the memorisation of specific…

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#iexist – a massive project-based learning initiative with King David Linksfield

We invite you to go on a deep dive with us into the process of designing and facilitating project-based learning, by exploring one project in some detail. In 2017, in collaboration with Lorraine Srage, Dino Angelou and Caryn Horowitz we facilitated the #iexist exhibition with Grade 8 and 9 learners…

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Article: The Machines Are Coming – Here’s What You Can Do To Thrive

The speed at which technology is now changing, and as a result the speed at which our knowledge of reality is changing, has never been this fast. It is impossible to know exactly how machine learning will impact on the way we live, learn, work and play. Will it erode…

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