Dialogue and Collaboration

Here are our thoughts, articles, projects and workshops on how we can promote open, dynamic and diversity-literate dialogue and collaboration in our schools, businesses and communities. The skills of productive dialogue and collaboration are necessary for non-violent conflict resolution, democratic process and effective knowledge production.

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21st century schools are communities that grow and build knowledge together

Mutually beneficial dialogue Our education system has to take some responsibility for the quality of the current political discourse in South Africa, in which there is a lack of willingness to engage the disagreement of others in a productive dialogue. Instead of collaborating to solve development challenges that are critical…

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Article: The elements of project-based learning

Project-based learning is a buzzword we hear often and too often it is thought of as a free-for-all in which learners are left unguided in an undirected project. However, practising project-based learning properly requires rigour. It requires us to be explicit about the skills we want for our learners and…

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