Sacred Heart College learners explore the knowledge and intuitions they have about their own thinking habits by creating a control panel of the mind.

MindBurst Workshop is a non-profit organization that develops training resources and workshops aimed at integrating critical thinking skills into teaching practice, school culture and the work place.

The content of most current school curricula does not equip our learners to face the challenges of the 21st century. By applying a few simple principles and techniques we can “go beyond the content” and equip our learners with the transferable skills they need to engage any content to their advantage. In this way we can enable young people to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly, collaborate dynamically and adapt to change with as little anxiety as possible.

Our approach to designing and facilitating innovative learning experiences includes the integration of dialogue, project-based learning, integrated studies, inclusive education and diversity literacy into teaching practice, school culture and work life.

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